Wear Phone

by Wearable Software


Note: there is no phone app, please allow up to 2 minutes for the app to be installed your connected Android Wear smartwatch.Wear Phone is the missing piece in handling phone calls on your Android Wear smart watch. Without this application, you could only answer or ignore incoming calls (as well as reply with canned replies). With this application, you get the following features:
* End ongoing calls.* Enable/disable speakerphone.* Enable/disable microphone.* Start outgoing calls from your recents, favourites, your full contact list, or a keypad!
We believe that input on a smart watch needs to be different when it's not by voice, so the keypad is a new experiment we hope you enjoy.
This has only been tested on a Moto 360, please report any issues you find with square faces or the different DPI of the G Watch R before leaving a negative review.
If the app does not work properly on square watches or the G Watch R, please contact the developer for support. If the issue is not fixed, we will happily refund your purchase.